29 Jul 2020

Insider’s Guide to Living In The Birth Place of Triathlon - San Diego, California

Professional Triathletes Scott DeFilippis and Carrie Lester have called San Diego home for 8 years. However due to the Corona Virus epidemic, this is the very first summer they have spent in America’s finest city as typically they swap the golden sunny beaches and arid Otay mountains of Sunny Socal for for the crisp and clear Swiss Alps.

With no races in sight and a bit of time on their hands, together with the marketing team at Vision/ FSA and Professional Photographer Manny Vargas @mannyvmedia, they have come up with a short picture book of what it’s like to live and train in the birthplace of Triathlon. Scott and Carrie are embracing the summer at home and thought this neat idea would provide followers with a bit of insight, knowledge, and perhaps spark a bit of motivation as they show case the place that once upon a time was the #1 spot in the world for Professional Triathletes and cyclists alike to base themselves. These hollowed grounds shaped the careers of some of the greats such as Paula Newby Frasier, Heather Fuhr, Mark Allen, Scott Molina, Scott Tinley, the Germans, the list goes on and on.  Now a days most N.American Pros have flocked to Boulder in favor of Sunny Socal. Some say it was the lure of the high altitude while others say San Diego became too busy and too expensive but as we hope to illustrate, the roads are still the same, the weather is still perfect, and much of the charm is still present.  We hope you enjoy this short piece and if you’re not a local San Diegan, hopefully you can make it out here some time for a training vacation so you can experience for yourself why these 2 Professional think it is still the best place in America to live and train as a Triathlete!

Best Open Water Swim Spot
La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove has long been THE open water swim spot for locals. With crystal clear water, swim buoys to guide you, calm winds on most days, and summer temps in the 70s, it doesn’t get much better than this!

There is no shortage of marine life to see while swimming over the caverns below.

From La Jolla Cove straight across to La Jolla Shores, it’s 1.5miles. There are buoy markers to keep you on track. These come in handy when you get past the protected cove and into the open ocean.

If you’re lucky enough, a seal will swim right up and try to give you a kiss. Keep in mind, there tends to be a foul stench that lingers around the area. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just seal poop, which plays a vital role in keeping the ocean’s eco-system nice and healthy.

Best Post-Workout Treat

Every swimmer and or triathlete knows that swimming brings on the most vicious food cravings. Southern California is known for it’s legendary donut shops and you need to look no further then V.G.s Donut Shop in Cardiff By The Sea to get your post workout fix.

Best After Hours Spot

The Office which happens to be right next door to VG Donuts ;) Established in 1965, The Office, is one of the last remaining original establishments in the once sleepy town of Cardiff By The Sea. Complete with pool tables, shuffle board, and the right bartender controlling the Juke Box, you can step into the office some nights and suddenly feel like you have entered a time capsule and sent back to the 60s or 70s. If you’re lucky enough to strike up a conversation with one of the legendary locals that still roam the streets of North County San Diego, they will be more than happy to tell you what is was like in the good old days when the streets were quiet, the surf was empty, and farming was the main occupation around these parts.

Best Place to Time Trial
Fiesta Island

A 4 mile rode around the island with one way traffic and no stops; Fiesta Island makes for a perfect place to get your interval work done. It also happens to be the birthplace of the modern triathlon, Sept 23, 1974.

Most days on the island start with calm winds and grey skies but by mid-morning the sun starts to come through and the wind picks up.

During the summer months it’s best to get on and off the island before 10 am before many of the beach goers, dog walkers, kite surfers, jet skiers, and horseback riders arrive. From September-May you can pretty much turn up any time of the day to safely get your time trial work in.

  • La Jolla Cove
  • V.G.s Donut Shop in Cardiff By The Sea to get your post workout fix!
  • Carrie Lester and Scott Defilippis