13 Nov 2019


Seamus Powell is 5X MTB Nation Champion across multiple disciplines. Growing up in the Catskill Mountains shaped Seamus Powell’s racing endeavours. Having nearly unlimited access to MTB trails, hiking, fishing and hunting made it a pretty easy for him to take the path less travelled, pushing traditional sports aside and find his passion. At just 9 years old Powell began racing BMX and by 14 he was fully submerged into XC events across the North East. Here the letter he wrote to his trail bike:


Dear Trail Bike,

You are not just a bike but an extension of my high self. An inanimate object some people, but to me you are so much more. You are a tool to express my personality on the mountain riding a trail like an open canvas. You are my tool to escape reality when the world around me is too real to deal with. You are my tool to travel the world searching for new horizons, challenges, friends, and goals. You’ve provided me many memories like broken bones, scares and race wins that could not be replaced by anything. We’ve had our issues for sure, like that time you failed me and I threw you a fit of rage only to feel worse about throwing you than I did about the actual race itself. We’ve been through it all, day in and day out you have been a true friend. So, cheers to many more years of memories and experiences. 

Your Friend, 

Seamus Powell.