21 Apr 2020

Slowtwitch: Vision Trimax Carbon Si013 Review

"Vision is a perennial name in the aerobar game. I speak from experience as an early adopter of their products, starting with their early-generation clip-ons in the early 2000’s. I remember seeing their bars being used in route to countless victories by Team CSC in the ProTour circuit. Vision was at the tip of the spear, with products such as their full integrated aerobars (including an integrated stem), their mini ‘crab claw’ brake levers, and their mini aerobars for road bikes and draft-legal triathlons."

"One of those products, in particular, has been an interesting category for Vision: aerobars with an integrated stem. If it’s not self-explanatory, bars like this are made as a single piece, with the stem molded, cast, or welded right in. This is a source of great controversy and heated debate. Stems are an important tool for properly fitting a bicycle to the rider. If the handlebars are too close, install a longer stem. If the handlebars are too far away, install a shorter stem."

" However, that’s a reductionist view that doesn’t quite apply to triathlon bikes. For a road bike, the stem IS your reach adjustment mechanism. For tri bikes, there’s a lot more going on. Your reach to the base bar (a.k.a. pursuit bar) isn’t a tremendous deal. We’re more concerned with the specifics of the aerobar pads and extensions. If an aerobar has an integrated stem, but builds in massive amounts of adjustability elsewhere for aero extensions and pads, you’re probably just fine."

"Why bother with the integrated stem at all? It’s an aesthetic thing. It might lead to tiny improvements in aerodynamics, but this is an utterly insignificant issue for 99% of the buying public. Even if that air flows slightly smoother over a clean integrated stem – it’s heading right for a large, turbulent human body with moving legs."

"Vision offers aerobars with an integrated stem, such as the Metron TFA. This bar has a very wide range of fit – but what if that’s just not enough for you? Or what if you’re just not sure, and want to take every precaution to be sure that your new aerobar investment will absolutely fit?"

"Chuck the stem. Get the new Vision Trimax Carbon SI 013..."

- Greg Kopecky, Slowtwitch

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