30 Aug 2019

Favorite Cycling Story: Contest Winner

We here at Vision are pleased to announce the winner of our “Favorite Cycling Story” contest! Many inspiring stories were submitted and all those who participated should be proud of their own shared experiences.

Ryan Carter of Abilene Texas, who is currently serving overseas, entered and rode in his first Century-ride (100 miles/160km) last summer. Ryan started the ride with little exposure in competitive riding, but he finished with a sensation of completing a testing event. He was able to absorb the experience of teamwork, as well as a mission to help others when they needed assistance.

Please read Ryan’s own words below and congratulate him as the winner of a Trimax KB Wheelset!

“My favorite cycling moment would be last summer, [when I] joined my first cycling team and rode my first century. It was a hot Texas day of course during Hotter N Hell 100 miler and I decided to push myself as I’ve never ridden more than 60 miles before that event. I felt great out of the gates with a little tail wind for the first 40 miles or so. Being a rookie cyclist, I did what rookies do and made a huge mistake. I pushed myself and rode decently hard, but I felt great and didn’t think I was hurting or damaging my legs or energy too much as I was surfing wheels and riding in the groups. Mile 50 rolls around I started feeling my legs go. Then my hydration and nutrition started failing as it took every ounce of energy to push things down and hope my body absorbs them. My team caught up with me (being veterans of the sport), and notice I was bonking, and it would be a struggle for me until the end. Every 10-15 miles hurt more and more. The wind flipped going home, 10-15 mph headwinds with no cover of hills just the wind and the road. They sheltered me as best they could. Mile 82 comes in fading more and more as temperatures rose to 100°F+. My team stuck by my side dragging me home. Mile 90 was the last rest stop and a snickers and a coke was handed to me and was told to eat and drink as much as I could it would get me through to the end. Put it down and as the miles counted down, I get more energy I felt good again, I could trust my legs more and more. I finished my journey and toughest challenge in 7 hours for my first century ride. It was the greatest feeling in the world finishing that challenge and having my teammates and other cyclists back me the whole way and I knew from that point on cycling was what I needed in my life. I now do events and look to help other cyclists that are struggling or need motivation to get to the end like I needed when I started out.”
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-Ryan Carter