22 Sep 2020

K-Force WE Disc First Look


There are many advantages inside the K-Force WE groupset, available in 11-speed Rim and Disc brake versions, like increased battery life and levers available in two sizes - standard and compact.
The peculiarity of the K-Force WE is that it is a mixed architecture between electronic cable power and wireless transmission. Basically it takes the best of both systems. The two levers communicate with the derailleurs by wireless transmission, so there are no problems of cable passage from this point of view. The battery instead is inserted in the seat post and feeds the two derailleurs through internal wiring, ensuring longer life for a single charge.




  • Ergonomic shifters with easy-to-install button batteries that communicate with the derailleurs without any cables, ensuring weight saving.
  • Long life battery inside the seat tube, easy to install and maintain.
  • 11-25; 11-28; 11-32 gear ratio options without substituting the cage and titanium and heat-treated carbon steel cogs for durability and high performances.
  • Attractive design, with carbon and light materials structure and modern tone-on-tone-graphics.
  • The most compact lever housing design on the market, for absolute ergonomics and driving comfort.
  • App for smartphone to customize and diagnose your K-Force WE system.
  • Integrated ANT+ and BLE communication to connect all your devices and access even more data.
  • Low weight, among the lightest on the market.



  • Brake levers

The brake levers have a compact and elegant design, presenting the same dimensions as the WE levers in the rim brake version. Important the fact that there is the possibility to choose between 2 lever sizes: standard or compact, to adapt to different hand sizes. You can also adjust the distance of the levers from the handlebar.

  •  Rotors

The 2 rotors, with the dimensions of 140mm (front) and 160mm (rear), have an aerodynamic design and a "round" rather than sharp edge, for greater safety.

  • Caliper

The disc brake caliper is a "flat mount" type, which allows better alignment of the caliper and a more elegant aesthetic line.
Another plus related to the brake is powerful and precise braking even in wet conditions, developed with the feedback of several professional cyclists sponsored by FSA. WE have developed the disc brake to have even more performing braking than the already excellent action of its pad brakes.



Cyclingnews.com did the first look of K-Force WE Disc groupset, with the following considerations:

- Comparatively affordable price point
- One of the lighter disc groupsets on the market
- Stealthy and refined aesthetics

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  • BH-Burgos in action with K-Force WE Disc
  • Cervélo gravel frame with K-Force WE disc groupset
  • K-Force WE Disc caliper