8 Oct 2019


Andrew Taylor is a 31 year old mountain biker that has a huge passion for riding and exploring new places.

He grew up across the street from a place called Anadel State Park which got me into riding cross country at a young age, which eventually led into freeriding. He has spent over ten years riding slopestyle and freeride contests and recently has shifted his focus on filming adventures on my bike, in particular the Andrew Taylor "Ultimate Road Trip" that we have followed with enthusiasm and shared on our channels over the last month. 

Here the letter he wrote to his "Dirt Jump Bike".

Dear Dirt Jump Bike,

You mean the absolute world to me! I first discovered you as a young high school kid in the 9th grade. At this time I didn't have a clear path for what the future may hold, but you helped to guide me in a direction I could have never imagined! As I look back on the last decade and what we've been able to accomplish together, it nearly brings tears to my eyes. 

We've been through a lot but these are a handful of my favorite memories that we've had together. From the early years of riding down a World Cup bobsled track in Innsbruck, Austria to sending a super man off of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, to the competition days dropping out of a castle in Nuremberg, Germany, to Riding racing down 999 stairs in Zhangjiajie, China to hosting our own international contest. It really has been one crazy and wild ride with you!

If you would've told that young high school kid that one day we would explore over 35 countries and all 50 US States in search of the best trails while creating lifelong friendships along the way, I would have never believed you! For all of this, I am forever grateful we found each other at such a young age! I can't wait to see what the next decade will bring us!

Sincerely Your Old Pal,