Dylan Gleeson - First Amateur off the bike in Kona!


Cameron Brown 6th @ Challenge Shepparton

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13 Nov 2017

Terenzo Bozzone Wins Los Cabos 70.3

I couldn’t have asked to start this trip in a better way. First stop on my 4-race tour around the world, the Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos went down as a treat. My body recovered well from the trip up from New Zealand on Thursday and with the recovery and training going really well after Ironman Kona, things were either going to go superb or there wouldn’t be much of a showing at all!
To kick things off in the morning of arrival, in transition I checked my tires to make sure they were up to standards. It’s sometimes ‘amateur hour’ for me; I forgot to look at them the day before when we checked our bikes in. I was gutted to find a long staple end sticking in the tire and when I removed it, sure enough the tire deflated. I subsequently had to sacrifice my race spare and just pray that nothing happened during the race. Not the ideal start to race morning…
When I left home, I was eager to race and I managed to carry that energy with me out onto the race course feeling good and in control from start to finish. I can’t think of the last time I was at the front of the swim group in a really good field, but I found myself pushing the pace for two-thirds of the swim. With a sneaky swim exit, I managed to take the fastest swim on the day and later go on to have the fastest bike and run to finish 1st place!
Getting on the bike, there was Mat Chrabot (whom I had a good battle with in Cozumel earlier this year) who would go on to finish 2nd, Kevin Collington 3rd and Tim O’Donnell 4th. With the hard undulations throughout the bike, it was tough to find good rhythm, but I felt good hitting the highway and decided to test the legs of the other riders. Soon there was only Mat and myself out front and we would build our lead to a little over two minutes by the time we started the run.
The finish of the bike was very interesting. The team here built a massive platform/ramp to loop under the highway on a dried-up riverbed. I may have been going a little quick over this section to open a gap on Mat and over shot one of the corners and found myself in the dirt, but fortunately staying upright.
Good warm climates, fast roads and a few gentle undulations made for pretty good running conditions. My legs had a good spring to them and I was able to get what I needed out of the run to hopefully bring up my form a little for the Island House triathlon next weekend and carry that through to Bahrain 70.3.

  • Terenzo (center) wins Ironman 70.32 Los Cabos