2 Jan 2018

Cameron Brown Wins 10th Mt. Maunganui Title

This past weekend, I raced and won the Eves Real Estate Surf Breaker Sprint Triathlon. I've been competing in this race since 1991 and it's a real classic triathlon! With a surf swim along Mt. Maunganui beach, a fast flat 20km bike and then a 5km run, with the last 500m along the soft sand to the finish line. 


The swim began with a two-lap 375m course through the surf, which makes it tough trying to catch a wave to the beach and then dolphin diving back out through the surf as you use your entire body and all your oxygen to catch and dive under the waves. I exited the water about 15seconds behind the leaders, but quickly tried to catch them early on. I was in the lead a few kilometres into the bike section and now it was all about pushing the pace to extend my gap on the guys behind. The three-loop bike ride is extremely quick and the only thing to slow you down are the sets of judder bars (speed bumps) on each lap. I was off the bike with a 1minute lead but lost about 20seconds with a slow transition!


The final 5km run always hurts, especially when it's not the distance you specialize in. Although, it’s also a great speed session as you push yourself to the max in a reasonable distance. I maintained my gap to Sam Clark (2017 Coast to Coast Champion) and finished with a 45second lead to win my 10th Mt. Sprint title. I will have to review the history books to see exactly how many I have won, since I can’t recall it being 10 or 11 wins. The next few weeks will be all about high mileage as I prepare for the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman on January 20th and then the New Zealand Ironman on March 3rd.