13 Apr 2021


Clip-on extensions are the right weapon to make any bike perform in "short" distance triathlon, especially on flatter courses where a rider maintains an aerodynamic position in the saddle for a majority of the bike-leg. They also represent a comfortable solution for those who simply want to go faster and experience the thrill of pedalling in a "TT" setting. 

The main advantage of clip-on extensions is obviously the fact that you can fit, install, and uninstall them according to your needs. Before a competition, a specific training session or a simple riding outing; you can decide and quickly install this to your handlebar, converting any road bike into a TT or Tri ready bicycle.



Vision offers a wide range of Clip-On aerobars dedicated to "Sprint" and "Olympic" distance triathlons. From carbon to aluminum, Vision offers aerobars across a range of needs.

With the arrival of the new super-light Metron TFE Pro carbon extensions for the Metron TFA and Trimax Carbon Si013 aerobars, Vision has introduced a series of ergonomic and aerodynamic solutions to integrate into our other handlebars.

First of all, the specific clip-on adapter allows you to use the Metron TFE extensions on any traditional “round” handlebar. On the other hand, if you already own the Metron 4D Flat Mas handlebar, an adapter is now available to be fitted among the bridge spacers. Even on the Specialized Shiv frame, one of the most popular time trial models, you can mount the TFE extensions through an adapter available for the MY19 + versions.



For additional clip-on solutions, another important new product in the Vision range is the Mini Clip-On carbon for Metron 5D and Metron 5D ACR handlebars. Already coveted by several users during its market launch, it offers the best combination of weight, aerodynamics and comfort. Consider having the Metron 5D installed on your bike, the definition of an aerodynamic drop handlebar of the Vision range and integrating it with this clip-on for your personal challenge or race: you will certainly see a performance benefit and experience the same sensations as a pro athlete during competition. With a weight of only 423 grams, it also goes well with light frames or setups focused on saving weight.



Another solution at a more competitive price is the Team Mini Clip-On, with double butted aluminum extensions. Compact yet high-performance, the Team Mini Clip-On offers an aerodynamic riding position and an ergonomic 6-position angular armrest. This model has already been the aerodynamic solution for years with athletes at the international level in the Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, launching another challenge for Tokyo 2021.

To complete the package, a hydration system cannot be missed. In this case the Metron Front Hydration System with aerodynamic front profile and a capacity of 700ml is a complete and adaptable solution to most aero systems with extensions and clip-ons.

  • Vision pro sponsored triathlete Simon Mitchell in action.
  • Metron TFE Extension Top view
  • Metron TFE Extension side view