10 Sep 2018

Aloha Vision, road to Kona - Michelle Vesterby

What does it take to win four Ironmans and crack the top six in Kona twice? The bubbly Danish triathlete Michelle Vesterby has her sights set on Kona once more and hopes to be smiling all the way to the podium in 2018.

Michelle's presentation:

Participations to Kona IM World Championship: 6

Best result in Kona IM: 4th in 2015

Pro Debut year: 2007

IM Wins:

IM personal best: 08:45’

Bike: Argon18

Mantra: “Keep Smiling”

Hometown: Herning, Denmark

How did you decided to start with the triathlon?

"I was a party girl until I started triathlon at the age of 25. I grew up swimming until I was 18, but there were a few years there when I wasn’t doing much of anything. Then, I met my [now husband] Claus Andersen, and he got me into the sport. Before I knew it, I was a competitive athlete again. Now, I still like to party—but it’s mostly at the after-party."

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