29 Mar 2022


FSA doesn’t just sponsor world-class teams and athletes; it works closely with them and to develop innovative products.
The company has long believed in the advantages of dropper and adjustable seatposts, even in the road world.
The first tests for an adjustable seatpost dedicated to road racing date back to 2011, among the athletes who adopted this solution were Ivan Basso and after Vincenzo Nibali during the 2016 Giro d’Italia.
The introduction of this system was possible above all thanks to the modification of the UCI regulation requested by FSA in 2014, which allows the in-race use of adjustable seatposts with a maximum travel of 5 cm.


Clearly, from 2011 to today the Cycling world has been completely revolutionized and, in this specific case, the dropper initially tested with Ivan Basso is completely different in terms of operation compared to the one used at SANREMO, but what has remained unchanged is the proven benefit that has prompted us to continue pushing innovation.

Matej was able to make a difference in the downhill stretch by taking advantage of lowering his center of gravity through modifying his bike set-up, making it not only more aerodynamic, but also to load the rear axle more, increasing stability and managing to have much more speed out of each corner. The maximum speed and travel time data are proof that the system offers tangible benefits.

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In its catalog, FSA offers a dropper seatpost with 100mm travel: the FLOWTRON AGX , developed for Gravel use, but is perfectly suited to Road and includes the remote control for drop handlebars.
Due to needs related to the integration with the frame of the technical partner MERIDA, and Matej’s request to have a remote control in a non-standard position, he chose an alternate solution; a choice endorsed by FSA.
Matej proved to be a great champion – immediately off his bike and fresh off his victory, he publicly thanked, in addition to the technical partner Merida, also FSA as a gesture of gratitude for the development work started last winter between us.

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