14 Jul 2018

The TOURist, Simon Clarke's diary. Ep. 7

Today was I suppose a bit of a boring day. I think it was a combination of two very hard days the last two days and such a long day today, which really put a negative impact on anyone wanting to go into a breakaway. The important thing is not to think about that and to think an easier day as a positive to recover a bit and try to feel better for the days coming up. We definitely took a bit of a breather today.

Mind you there was some danger in the wind and Trek managed to split it at one stage, so it was completely stress-free. Although we missed a few guys in the front when it split in the wind, I had myself and Rigo in the front group, and I was looking after him, so there was no stress there.


So far it’s been great. Everything is going to plan. But really the Tour de France starts next Tuesday and from then on we’ll see what happens. For now, we’re trying not to lose it. Next week we start to try to win it.


I still haven’t thought about Roubaix. This whole day-by-day theory isn’t a cliché. It’s true, and it helps keep things in perspective. I’m thinking about tomorrow now that today is finished. I’ll have a look at Sunday after tomorrow’s stage. Obviously there’s anticipation in the public and it’s in the back of people’s mind, but for us, it’s definitely day-by-day. Tomorrow’s stage, provided the wind isn’t dangerous, should be a cruisey day like today. Hopefully that means we have fresher legs going into Sunday.