Cameron Brown is riding Vision Aerobars, Cranksets and Hydration Systems

10 Aug 2016


Recently, Vision Triathlete Cameron Brown  raced the Asia Pacific 70.3 Championships and posted the 6th best time overall.

Here’s a little race recap from Cameron Brown as well as what’s coming up in his race schedule:

“I finally made it to Denmark after a long trip from the Philippines. My race on the weekend was ok, as good as I could expect coming out of the NZ winter and into 35c temps! I was up with the front group in the swim until about 500m when I dropped of the back and the group slowly swam off into the distance. Onto the bike and I felt strong throughout the 90km but could not close in on the pack in front and the 20 motor bikes travelling along with them. It was starting to slowly get warmer and warmer throughout the bike and now the sun was starting to peep through the clouds; not a good sign for the run! I was off the bike in 11th and was hoping I could get through the run in decent shape and not ruin myself out there. The boys up front were still flying, but some were now starting to pop from the heat. I was able to make my way up into 6th place in the end so I was fairly happy with that. I even had to have a few walks to try and overcome some stomach problems, but pretty much everyone in front of me was doing the same and walking through the aid stations to cool of and hydrate.”

“I’m now in a little town just outside of Copenhagen staying with Peter Sandvang who was a 3x ITU World long distance champion and the man I beat to win my first Ironman New Zealand back in 2001 when I caught him with 1.5km to go in the run! The next few days I will be trying to get use to the time zones and weather which is currently only 16c and that’s summer. Hopefully by next Sunday it warms up into the 20’s!”

Next race Ironman Copenhagen August 21st

Asia Pacific 70.3 Ironman Championships, Cebu, Philippines. 2km, 90km, 21km

1st Tim Reed                   24:21   2:03:23   1:20:02   3:51:46
2nd Craig Alexander        24:14   2:03:38   1:23:10  3:55:01Betten,
3rd Sam Betten               23:58   2:03:33  1:25:21   3:57:15
4th Braden Currie            24:10   2:09:16   1:21:24  3:58:42
5th Antony Costes           24:15   2:03:29  1:28:23   4:00:08
6th Cameron Brown        25:41   2:10:47  1:23:50   4:04:49
7th Brad Kahlefledt          24:08   2:12:30  1:25:18   4:06:12
8th Brent Mcmahon         23:59   2:03:40  1:34:32    4:06:15
9th David Mainwaring      25:12   2:11:44  1:26:22    4:07:10
10th Jonathan Ciavatella 24:11   2:12:41  1:26:49    4:08:16