18 Oct 2017

Bozzone 6th at KONA World Championships

“I must say, it feels very good to get that result on the board. 6th place at the Ironman World Championships is a huge step forward for me and my Ironman racing career.”
“I first raced here on the island (Hawaii) in 2009 and finished a solid 11th. After that debut race, I struggled in the following years with a 20th in 2010 and a DNF in 2014 and 2016. I am still a way off from where I want to be, but to break into the top-10 and racing strong out there is a great feeling.”
“My family and I had a great time training in Encinitas in the lead up to the race and I think we timed the trip into Kona well; arriving 10 days before the race. It allowed me to acclimate to the different climate while still remaining fresh and in a good headspace. I managed to keep to myself and get what I needed done race week and when I was on the start line on Saturday morning I felt ready.”

“The gun went off at 6:35am and besides Josh Amberger getting away and coming close to breaking a very old swim course record, all the other quick swimmers were together being led along by last year’s champion, Jan Frodeno.”
“Out of the water and onto the bike. I felt good, unlike 3 years ago when I was red lining it from the start and got dropped before 10miles on the bike. The pace was somewhat controlled until Kienle and Sanders caught up 10miles from the turn-around in Hawi. That’s when things really started to heat up and the split happened. Should I go, shouldn’t I go??? When Hoffman and O’Donnell went with the move I decided I should go.  The group that was 10-strong at the turn slowly disintegrated and by Waikaloa, I was the one dropping off the back and isolated during the last 40km home.”
“Off the bike and onto the run. While I still had a little swelling in my face, I was much better than last year and I could kick off the run at a pretty good pace. I had no idea what was going to happen, but all I wanted to do was the best job I could. Hydrating and keeping cool through the aid stations was a big part of the race for me and when guys started coming back, I felt pretty good. Who knew what was going to happen the later stages of the marathon when things caught up on me and everyone else…”
“Patrick Lange (who went on the break the course record) came past with buddy of mine, David Mcnamee, and they were moving! I passed O’Donnell, Hoffman and Cunnama, but Cunnama would not let up and we had our own little Ironwar from the energy lab home. Unfortunately, he got the better of me and took 5th while I settled for 6th place.”
“This race is great motivation for me. I love racing in hot and hard environments, but I was starting to question if I would ever be able to put in a good performance at Kona. To prove to myself that I can be competitive on the big island means a lot and I am looking forward to working on becoming a stronger athlete the next 12 months.”

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