12 May 2020

Which handlebar are you?

Whether it’s Sprint vs Climb or Triathlon vs Time Trial, each Vision handlebar has its own characteristics and nature, designed for its specific purpose and role in bike competitions. 
Having the right handlebars for your style of riding is key for getting comfortable on your bike and enjoying your ride to the fullest. In nutshell, more than any other bike parts, the handlebar reflects the personality of its owner.
Between riser bars, bullhorns/pursuit bars and drop bars, find out which handlebars are right for you.


The Metron 5D integrated handlebar mixes aerodynamics and ergonomics, with a slight rise from the stem clamp and a 10° forward bend. This feature accommodates the natural position of your arms for more comfort and easier breathing, while the wing-like shape of the bar top aids aerodynamics. Reinforced carbon fibre construction gives a great strength-to-weight ratio, becoming the first choice of World Tour best sprinters like Dylan Groenewegen, Mark Cavendish, Elia Viviani and many others.


The new Metron 6D integrated handlebar is one of the stiffest and most aerodynamic integrated handlebars available. It’s designed specifically for aero performance, and thanks to its great comfort and ergonomic features, is also the best choice for those addicted to climbs.


The Metron TFA aerobar brings the next level of adjustability, designed specifically for riders who love the integration system between stem and bar. An aesthetics look, aerodynamics and stiffness are all main features riders look for in an integrated aerobar, and the Metron TFA has all the credentials. Furthermore the Snakebite stem allows for flip-able base bar with internal cable routing for one of the best choices of riders and triathletes.


The ability to extensively adjust reach, stack, extension angle and arm rest positions are the foundation of the TriMax Carbon SI 013 JS-Bend design and are easily adjustable without the use of bolts. The ability to tilt the base bar and choose the stem, allow this aerobar to be compatible with all frames with a 31.8mm diameter handlebar clamp area. The full carbon ergonomic extensions have the possibility of being lengthened and shortened according to the rider’s fit which makes for a very versatile part.


A 2˚ outward bend, 10° Forward angle, 125mm drop and 80mm reach are the specific sizes of the brand new Metron Aero bar: an innovative handlebars designed for the modern detail-oriented rider. Of course, the key word of this handlebar is “Aerodynamics” in every race and for all terrains.


For the rider tied to traditions, don’t discount the reliability of Metron 4D. It’s a “money-in-the-bank” handlebar in terms of performance. The Vision Metron 4D gives an impressively stiff and solid feel for a full carbon handlebar with an 'aero' structure. Of course, the ergonomics have been prioritised in its design. The shape of bars is very complex and has clearly had a lot of thought put into it.

Metron 4D Flat M.A.S.: IRONMAN

The Metron 4D Flat combines the superb ergonomics and aerodynamics of the Metron 4D, with a lower hand position and an innovative Modular Aero System (MAS) direct-mount clip-on system for additional versatility. A practical example? The long-distances triathlete (ironman) can choose to mount the extensions for races and training on flat terrains and also training without extensions on mixed terrains and mountains.


Team Mini Clip-on: SHORT DISTANCES 

Compact yet high performance, the Mini TT clip-on offers an aero riding position in a simple, minimalist package for triathlon short distances races (Olympic and Sprint) where extensions aren’t allowed. The fixed-length butted aluminium extensions are joined at their forward end by a composite aerobridge, while the armrests are adjustable to fine-tune your riding position. 

  • Metron TFA Aerobar
  • Metron 5D
  • Team Mini TT Clip-On