12 Dec 2017

Height, length, width, reach and offset – The 5 basic requests of professional riders

Winter training camps are crucial for professional cycling teams – not only do they strengthen team spirit, but they also provide an ideal time to determine the vital measurements of the frame and components that riders will use during the season. It’s here that team mechanics and cycling companies work closely together to support the athletes, in order to ensure optimum comfort and power output on the bike.

But which, you may ask, are the most important component adjustments that a professional rider will look for at the start of the season? In order to begin the new season with the best possible bike feel and position, use these 5 adjustment requests that we see from the pros as a guide to your perfect fit:

1)   Seat post height: Ensuring a correct post height will reduce unnecessary stress on your neck and back.

2)   Stem length: Your desired weight distribution on the bike dictates your stem length; and getting this right will play an important role in maximizing comfort and performance on the ride.

3)   Handlebar width: Finding the right width enables an optimum aerodynamic position, enabling you to ride faster for longer.

4)  Reach: A correct measurement between the nose of the saddle and the near edge of the handlebar will ensure that your weight balance on the bike is not accidentally too far forward or backward; this should be chosen alongside the length of the stem.

5)   Saddle offset: finding the offset sweet spot is crucial to performance, avoiding injury and comfort. It’s a simple adjustment, but its importance is not to be underestimated.