20 May 2019


A new special partnership is ready to be protagonist on the global Downhill scene. Over the last months downhill legends Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton have launched their own cutting-edge bikes brand for DH, with which they will race during the 2019 World Cup. In order to guarantee performances up to the Atherton champions expectations, FSA will provide to the team some of its top-of-the-line products and cooperation to develop solution for the DH and Enduro drivetrain components.

“As a start-up company it’s really important for Atherton Bikes to be involved with such a strong industry name as FSA.  Atherton Bikes is still finding its feet so to be able to work with a company that has the capacity and is willing to implement change and to literally build anything we ask for is a huge advantage. It’s exciting to push the technology and to develop new products to build on the already strong product line that is serving us well right now.” said the 4 times UK downhill champion Dan Atherton.

In rider news, 2018 team mate Charlie Hatton will join Gee and Rach to take on the Elites and Mille Johnset will graduate the Atherton Academy to take her full place on the team as she battles to become the fastest female junior. Between them the new team will take on the full UCI World Cup Series as well as select Crankworx and Red Bull events.
“Our off-road commitment here at FSA is constantly growing, as is our desire to open up the product range to the highest levels of professional use. The collaboration with Atherton Racing is a milestone: now we have a partner who can help us develop products dedicated to DH and other MTB disciplines, a partner with legendary experience at the races and an innovative vision of the product. The best partner we could hope to find.” said Davide Riva, FSA Europe OEM Sales Manager.


In 2019 racing season FULL SPEED AHEAD provides to the team the brand new Gradient Modular Crankset BB392 Direct Mount 1X, improved thanks to the Atherton brothers and their experience on race field. With the specific 165mm crank lengths and  the DH spindle suitable for BSA 83 Bottom bracket, it represent the ideal choice for Downhill and Freeride. The fully-modular system, meaning that any rider or mechanic can easily, quickly and safely swap out the spider or chainring, and the thick-thin tooth design for maximum chain engagement, complete a very special and reinforced crankset. 

Furthermore Atherton guys will enjoy the Flowtron, a pretty cool and easy to use dropper seatpost. This is compact and light and has a nice high mechanical advantage so it’s easy to actuate.  FSA have also developed an adjustable actuator spring, which enables the rider to adjust how firm or light they want the lever actuation to feel. 

Here the list of the other FSA products provided for the team:

-FSA K-Force Seapost SB0
-FSA K-Force 11speed chain
-FSA K-Force We rear cassette, with some special features for the team
-FSA MegaEvo BSA83mm
-FSA DH team edition headset

Ph. Credits: Sven Martin 

  • Gradient crankset
  • Rachel Atherton in action