10 Mar 2021

Soul in the Mountains: WiaWis x Maloja special project

The fascination of creating one's own, of designing something new, is what motivates every creative person. At Maloja, this regularly leads beyond their own field of sportswear. There is always the fascination to realise special projects, to set fresh impulses, to rebalance creativity - and to have as much fun as possible at the same time. Product design on a hard surface, on a solid structure challenges in a new way. It stands for a special durability - and it stands for a special sense of community.



The time of WiaWis x Maloja "Soul in the Mountains" edition is now! The sleek as well as smooth Alpeca-Fully with 100 mm suspension travel, a comfortable all-rounder with clear race genes. The young Korean brand WiaWis (Winning in Action, Winning in Spirit) is still seen as an insider tip in the scene, but is already represented in the World Cup and at the Olympic Games. Since 2020, WiaWis is the outfitter of the Maloja Pushbikers cycling team on the road and off-road.

Somehow, I felt comfortable on the Alpeca right away. Seriously, it's the best bike I've ever had - and I really never expected that from an unknown brand. It really climbs with traction and is super- efficient, and downhill it's agile and confident in the way I like it. It's simply a perfectly tuned bike, polished down to the last detail.” said Barbara Benko, Maloja Pushbikerin & XC-Olympian.

Especially in a year affected by delivery problems, the project could only be realised with the great commitment of all those involved, like FSA, that provides the KFX Carbon MTB Flat handlebar, KFX -12° MTB Stem and Gradient BB392EVO Modular crankset 1X



Indeed the idea behind the project is about the community, which we need now more than ever, it's about friendships, about networking and about the sign that even in crazy times community and values are more important than numbers.

The WiaWis x Maloja "Soul in the Mountains" bike will initially be available in an exclusive edition of 100 bikes. The top version LTD is available from a retail price of 6,700 € and the
Pro version from 5,500 €.

<CLICK HERE> for more info about the bike and how purchase it.


  • WiaWis x Maloja
  • FSA KFX cockpit.
  • WiaWis x Maloja