5 Dec 2017


If you’re wondering what to buy the mountain biker in your life for the festive season, look no further! We’ve put together seven of the best MTB gifts that not only look great through their innovative design and quality materials, but will also enhance off-road riding performance. And while they’re suitably shiny for Christmas, there’s not a single trinket among them.

1. Carbon Bottle Cage

Attention to detail will give even the best mountain bikes that extra edge, and the K-Force Carbon Bottle Cage provides a finishing touch to turn heads. Weighing in at just 28g, yet super-strong and sleek with a winged design for bottle security, this is more than a bottle cage, it’s hydration in style.

2. Titanium Bolt Kit

Extremely low weight and alluring materials are the stuff of dreams for cyclists. Titanium is both of these – it’s so strong and light that spaceships are built of it, so replacing all the stainless steel bolts in a pair of K-Force brakes, which this kit does, is a significant upgrade – and such a shiny one.

3. Adjustable Seatpost

Even over short rides, dropper posts add more speed than their small weight penalties subtract. Available in two diameters, with either a 100mm or 125mm drop, the FSA Dropper uses a cable-operated remote for low weight and easy maintenance. Internal Stealth routing, the best alloys and clever machining complete a truly impressive performance-enhancer.

4. Ceramic Bearing Kit

Move aside baubles – ceramic balls are here. While regular bearings use steel balls, the BB30 Ceramic Bearing Kit for K-Force MTB gives the gift of lighter, rounder, smoother surfaces to reduce friction. They’re also up to 30 percent harder, making them more resistant to crushing or damage, and cannot corrode. So they last longer, with less maintenance, and spin more freely as they do it.

5. -12 MTB Stem

If you’re buying for a MTBer with 29er wheels, one potential downside of their wheel size is a too-tall front end – especially if they’re running forks much over 100-120mm. The 12 degree drop of the K-Force -12 MTB stem solves this issue elegantly, without sacrificing stiffness. An incredible process called Carbon Structured Integration bonds machined alloy to carbon for major strength. Titanium hardware continues the strong, light and serious theme; and what’s more – a stem is ridiculously easy to wrap as a present!

6. Bleed Kit (for hydraulic brakes)

If there’s one thing that’s hard to resist, it’s a good bike tool. And if that tool involves precise bits of milled metal, impressively large syringes and colourful parts, it’s even harder to resist, and that’s before we even get to the impressive stuff this FSA Bleed Kit does! Hydraulic brakes must be bled of all bubbles when fluid is replaced (air compresses easily, leading to mushy feel and reduced power).

7. K-Force Rotors

Powerful calipers are vital for serious stopping, but they’re still only half the story. K-Force discs are designed to get the best from K-Force brake systems, featuring cutout rotors for reduced weight and noise, on central carriers forged from lightweight aluminum. For an added bonus they could double up as the star atop your tree.