17 Oct 2019


A resident of Nelson BC, Alex Volokhov is an outdoorsman to the core. His winters are spent snowboarding and working in the forest industry while summer is strictly reserved for riding bikes and fishing. Following in the footsteps of the many freeride greats from Nelson, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this young rider. Here you are his own letter he wrote to his bikes:

"Dear bikes,
I know I have been dealing with some commitment issues. Truth is, I can’t choose between all of you. I don’t care if you have two, one or even zero suspension, small or big wheels, a drop or a riser bar, as you all bring me such intense adrenaline. You taught me to live in the moment, to enjoy the beauty of nature, to push my limits to points I would have never thought I could. Whether it is riding up Mont Ventoux, jumping the A-line, riding down the snow of Alpe d’Huez, or sprinting my way to a finish line, you know how to bring the best of me so I can compete with the world’s finest.
I won’t lie, it hasn’t always been an easy path. You made me feel joy, disappointment, excitement, sadness, stress, but mostly happiness. Every single one of you made me see a different part of the world in your own particular ways and brought me a little something that none others could. Bikes, I am so sorry for leaving you on the bench while I travel with your friends, and I am forever grateful for all the time we share together, your patience, and your loyalty.
To discoveries,