18 Sep 2018

Aloha Vision, road to Kona - Andy Potts

As legend has it, Andy represented the US at the 2004 Olympics, less than a year and a half after starting in the sport.

After a long and successful career as a swimmer, Andy has been one of the world’s most versatile triathletes on the planet who prides himself on hard work, dedication, and giving as much back to the sport, his sponsors and community as humanly possible.

Andy's presentation:

Participations at KONA IM: Andy has qualified 11 times but this will be his 10th race (He had to pull out one year because of a stress fracture)

Best result in KONA IM: 4th in 2014 and 2015

Pro Debut year: turned professional in 2003, first race in Kona was 2008 (finished 7th)

Pro Wins: 55+

IM personal best: 7.55 (former Ironman American Record holder)

Bike: Ceepo

Motto/Inspiration Slogan: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” – Emmerson

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

How you started in triathlon?

"I grew up as a swimmer.I swam for 18 years (started at the age of 5).I had the honor and privilege to represent the University of Michigan and the USA in major international competitions.After my swimming career ended, I was lost in life; bounced around different places, had multiple jobs and no real direction.When triathlon made its Olympic debut in 2000 I knew I found my next passion.It took me a while to act on it but I was all-in once I did.I did my first triathlon in 2002, turned professional in 2003, and have enjoyed the pursuit of my potential for 16 years."

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