28 Jul 2018

The TOURist, Simon Clarke's diary. Ep. 12

Today we had goal of putting Pierre or Dani into the breakaway, but we weren’t successful in doing that. We weren’t too stressed about it. The chances of the breakaway winning today were quite slim. It was always going to be a GC showdown today.


After the break went, it was survival mode for everyone to get to the finish and to get there safely. Unfortunately Taylor had an incident on one of the descents. I’m not exactly sure what happened but he ended up running off the road and connecting with a tree. It seems like he’s broken his nose. He’s still in good spirits though. He rode to the finish, and he’s doing ok but obviously he’s going off to the hospital to get checked up now to figure out what actually needs to be done. Everyone else arrived safely and apart from being tired, the rest of us are all good.

Most of us will take it easy tomorrow in the time trial. The one person that was excepted to have a crack was Taylor but obviously that’s probably not going to happen now. It might be a cruisey day for us tomorrow.