14 Mar 2018

Bozzone Wins Im bariloche 70.3

“That was tough! Ironman 70.3 Bariloche in Argentina brought on the hardest of conditions with the start being in 7°C air temperature and the course being relentless throughout the bike and run. I was very happy to run into the town square in 1st place and absorb all the crowd’s energy: absolutely amazing!”
“It has been some time since I have competed in a cold race and it caught me way off guard. I was roaming around the other pro athletes collecting all the extra gear that I could gather for race day. Top this off with a hyperthermia blanket underneath my race suit and in my Sidi cycling shoes and I was about right for the race.”
“The backdrop for the swim was incredible with the Andes mountain range across the lake. Out of the water there were 5 of us: Igor Amoreli, TJ Tolakson, Jarred Shoemaker, Daniel Fontana and myself. The race was getting close, seeing who could get their arm warmers, gloves and extras on the fastest. This caused the group to split up and soon I was at the front of the race pushing the pace through the initial 20km section, which included a lot of climbing and technical descents on wet roads. By 30km, Igor and Kennet bridged across and unfortunately TJ and the rest of the field were stuck in no-mans-land and isolated, all riding individually.”
“My legs were okay, but I definitely still had a little residual fatigue in the tank from Ironman NZ. Along with the cold weather, my body was not responding like I would have liked, but I was getting through it just fine. The real test would be when we started the run…”
“Thankfully as I kicked out of T2, I still had a spring in my step and managed to gap the other two racers. It was a hard course to find any rhythm with either a head wind or a tail wind and not many flat sections. The crowds through town were very motivational and I increased my lead to 4 minutes by the finish. Igor rolled in 2nd and Kennett in 3rd place.”
“I have a long trip across to Campeche, Mexico, but I am definitely looking forward to some warmer climates with the forecast for next weekend to be around 36°C.”