20 Dec 2021


Are you looking for a new carbon wheelset? Do you want to ensure you’re getting the best performance, lightweight and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes? Well, the new Vision METRON 45 SL & METRON 60 SL Disc Brake range is worth your consideration!
Available in 45mm and 60mm carbon rim profiles, they are brand new, lightweight and versatile. These wheels were developed in a wind tunnel and tested on the road by the riders of our WorldTour Pro sponsored teams.

We have paid close attention to the needs of our athletes, offering a 21mm inner edge that allows to mount 28mm tires for a comfortable ride. This also allows a greater footprint on the asphalt, reducing friction and promoting smoothness.
These wheels are available in a clincher / tubeless ready version and one of the main advantages of running tubeless tires and wheels is that you can continue riding even if you get a small puncture.

The new Vision PRS rear hub has Helical Clutch ratchet with 72T equals a 5 degree engagement angle. All of this technical jargon means that it has a 24% faster engagement than the previous Vision 6-pawl and DT 54T/6.6 degree. The PRS increases durability all while reducing loss of power engagement under load. 

  • Vision Metron 45 SL Disc
  • Vision Metron 60 SL Disc
  • Sonny Colbrelli