26 Jul 2018

Vision Tech Guide. Are you new to triathlon? Make sure to avoid these three errors.

Once you have experienced and completed a triathlon and have also become familiar with the three disciplines, it is then time to start making the three-legs of the race smoother. Summertime, holidays and long days are key times for cycling training. For beginners, it is important to pay attention to three aspects, especially during the summer months.


CADENCE: The cadence is the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) and often athletes tend to pedal with too low of a cadence. Check that you are pedaling between 85 and 95 pedal-revolutions per minute (FSA PowerBox, available with 4 new upgrades, can help assist you with this). If it is too low, you must lighten the gear in order to increase your revs.

CLOTHING: Try to avoid wearing casual clothing, underwear under cycling pants, compression socks that are too high and using a helmet visor. Always wear a short-sleeved shirt and use only sport glasses. Check out Raptor, the revolutionary Smartglasses by Everysight that allows cyclist to see and experience their data like never before. No more mounting a small computer to a bicycle’s handlebars and looking away from the road whenever you want to check your data. An ideal choice for the triathlete who want to be aerodynamic without loosing his focus on the race.

DRILLING: If you get a puncture, it is essential to have a repair kit for drilling. It is a good idea to prepare yourself by doing the "homework" and practice out on the road, before you are in a race situation. Three actions that will help you avoid panic in case of a wheel problem is to read the instructions carefully, ask for information from your trusted dealer and watch some tutorials on YouTube.