3 Dec 2018


We’d like everyone to think back to the time they purchased their first bike or even their favorite bike. Our bet is no one closed their eyes and randomly chose a bike, but rather carefully selected one that best represented their character and was easy on the eyes. The frame of any bike is what draws in the most attention and can be what people primarily focus on. For the frame is like a canvas where the designer or artist can express themselves freely. It’s also the heart of a bike where it not only portrays the personality of the creator, but also the owner. Once it is born in the hands of its creator, it is ready to fulfill and satisfy the riding of its new owner.

Aydan Çelik, the designer of Carraro Blue, tells us the story of how his latest masterpiece was born.


Mare Nostrum

"The first inspiration is Mare Nostrum, about the Mediterranean. Mare Nostrum in Latin means “Our Sea”. The idea came when I was pedaling on the exquisite routes where the Mediterranean meets the sky. While visualizing the idea, I put the Blue into a message bottle, which has a symbolic meaning. Paper ships, planes, seagulls, fish, whales and amphoras were already lined up."

Blue is the color

"My second inspiration was the color palette in cycling races. For past two years, a noticeable blue dominance is visible in pro-peloton. Thus, we thought it would be a great idea to design something around it. As a team, we prepared a very precious gift for the Mediterranean and the professionals. We made Carraro BLUE as a dream machine. The Blue is a special bike which was equipped with the FSA's superior components and a Fi'zi:k saddle.

The reason why we have produced only three of them is because you see a dream only once!

In 2019 is the year of Blue!"

Bike Specs:

Groupset: FSA K-Force WE 

Wheelset: Vision Metron 55 SL

Handlebar:  Vision Metron 5D integrated handlebar

Saddle: Fi’zi:k